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The Auction Method.
Thank-you for considering AllGone Auctions, Atlanta’s Premier Technology Auction Site.  We are firmly  committed to the belief that the “Auction Method” is the fairest and most efficient selling or buying  method available.

Reasons you should take advantage of our Auction Services:

  • Less Hassle. Turn your property into cash in less than a month.
  • Attain Fair Market Value. The Auction method uses competitive bidding to obtain the true fair market value for your property. No more worrying about leaving money on the table!
  • “As-Is”. Property sold at auction is sold “as-is”, “where is” , therefore relieving the seller of a plethora of liabilities. We take the heat!
  • Marketing Spotlight. Our Auction Method places a marketing spotlight on your property for a period of at least 3 weeks. We’re industry leading online advertising and marketing specialists!
  • Auctions are Fun! The best reason to use the Auction method to sell your property is because the Auction Method generates more excitement than any other method of marketing. People enjoy Auction sales and therefore spend more money.

 Our Auction Services