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The Auction Process

Step 1: Contact Us.

Get in touch with us! We’re always happy to help you properly and effectively dispose of your items. AllGone auctions will hold an Auction, buy your items for cash or take them on consignment.

Step 2: Meeting and Needs assessment.
We will schedule a private in-depth consultation with you and discuss your needs and expectations. Items for sale at auction will be inspected. We can meet at our main office, at your house or business or at a neutral location, whichever is more convenient to you.

Step 3: Discuss/Determine Pricing and Auction Type (reserve or absolute).
We will use his extensive experience in the auction industry to provide insight into the price that many items will bring at auction. An Auction contract between the seller and the auctioneer is required at this point.

Step 4: Set Date   Time
Find a date and time that works well for all parties involved. Customer schedules, current auction calendar, and local events are all taken into consideration when choosing the date   time for the auction.

Step 5: Create   Distribute Marketing Materials
The primary method of marketing depends on the type of sale and the quantity and quality of the items for auction. We’ll choose the method(s) best-suited for your sale (print, radio, internet) and advertise locally, regionally, or nationally. Additionally, AllGone Auction has a large database of auction buyers that we will target with professional emails. Reminders about the auction are also sent out one week and two days prior to the sale. These steps ensure that we’ll have a great crowd on auction day!

Step 6: Handle Potential Customer Inquiries
AllGone Auctions prides itself on providing excellent customer service, both to the individual(s) we’re having an auction for as well as the customers interested in purchasing items at the sale. By phone or email, we’ll do our best to handle all questions we receive in a timely and professional manner.

Step 7: Auction Day!
After all the planning and marketing, it’s here….Auction Day! We’ll bring our experienced staff and will do our best to get you top-dollar on all your items!

Step 8: Finalize the Auction
After the auction we’ll discuss the total revenue from the sale, the auctioneer fees, and the timeline for finalizing the sale. All auctions proceeds will be deposited in our escrow account until we meet and settle up.